- Move: WASD or arrow keys
- Shoot: Mouse left button
- Dash: Mouse right button
- Select - on menu(s): Enter key


The Kolarian Trials is a fast paced top down boss-rush. Fight in small arenas against a variety of enemies with one of the two available guns: the powerful Shotgun and the high-rate Scattergun. Use the dash move to avoid  the bullets while you keep an eye on the clock and try to make it to the top of the online leaderboard.

Customize your experience

Chose between the different difficulty levels or customize your experience tweaking the damage of your bullets, the enemies bullets, the time available or by adding HP recovery between levels.

The customization changes the score multiplier, so the hardest you go more chances of getting higher in the online leaderboard.


The Kolarian 7 MB


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The leaderboard is filled with diks, my job here is done.

i did it again using aaa

Wow, you are killing it!

 got to the top of the leader board mines dik

hi. I played your game and made a video about it. It was fun and I got the best score on the leaderboard. It was very fun, and I love it.

Wow! Thank you for playing & making a video :) I hope you had a fun time with the game

i did. It was a lot of fun :D