When her potion for a witch goes dangerously wrong, local medicine woman Jezebel has to keep her husband Terrence alive as he's been transformed into a flame. Since they don't have much money nor wood, Jezebel has to go ask her neighbours for it. Secrets are revealed and sins are committed. How far are you willing to go to keep your love alive?


Programming, art and design
Francisco Cañete

Design and dialog
Aneesha Rai

Adrian Cañete


Patch 2.0
- Added new dialog content and options (all we couldn't put in during the jam)
- Added a simulated light system
- Improved art, special on backgrounds
- Added a pause menu and audio settings 

Patch 1.3
- Fixed a bug that made the first conversation with Terrence repeat every time you entered the house.

Patch 1.2 
- Restart music & background sound effects on game over.
- Adjusted dialog sound (blip) volume.
- Fixed position when entering leaving rooms, restart all positions to default on game over.
- Fixed bug the caused to play dialog blip on loop when clicking on the flame during the opening.
- Fix bug that allowed you to feed the fire without getting close. 

Patch 1.1 
- Fixed a bug that affected dialog display after restarting the game.


Jezebel and the Flame2.0.zip 11 MB
Ludum Dare entry + bug fixes 11 MB
Original Ludum Dare entry 11 MB

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